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Our Staff


Our people

Our staff have strong academic backgrounds coupled with the ability to learn new skills quickly. They want to apply their knowledge to provide practical solutions to our customers’ problems. The profiles of some of our staff are included below.

PHIL MORRIS – Director

Phil studied Electrical and Information Sciences in the Engineering Department at Cambridge University and graduated in 1999. He was sponsored by the MoD DESG graduate training scheme and worked in a wide range of different companies on summer placements.

After university he joined a technical consultancy and worked on a range of projects including naval radio receivers and network traffic monitoring systems. He started working independently in 2005 and joined Waymont Consulting at the start of 2007.

Phil is responsible for the majority of the hardware and software implementation. This includes FPGA development and optimisation of DSP software to exploit SIMD instruction sets and multi-core processors across a range of architectures.


James studied physics at Durham University, followed by an experimental PhD investigating the use of X‑ray and neutron scattering techniques to study nanotechnologies.

As a post‑doctorate researcher (and later as head of R&D for a university spinout) he led a small research team to develop a security anti‑counterfeit / track‑and‑trace technology based on material topology and the optical properties of laser light.

After working independently on a number of consultancy projects, he joined Waymont Consulting in 2011 and currently runs a number of programmes developing software applications and hardware control systems.